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I met Ken White through involvement in a leadership group in our community. He cares deeply about making our state better and brings a perspective that usually makes me think. On top of that, Ken is a genuinely good person that I want to spend time around too. We’d all be better off with his perspective in Topeka.

Aaron Bastian
President and CEO, Fidelity Bank

I’ve played music with Kenny White for over 25 years.  He’s an incredible musician and an even better man.

Marc Bennett
Sedgwick County District Attorney

I'll vote for him because of how he plays. With all his impressive talent and experience, he doesn't show off. He doesn't draw attention to himself. He plays to serve the song, and he does it in a way that makes the whole band sound better. If that's the way he approaches politics, he's exactly the kind of guy we need.

Jeffrey S. Faus
Vice President, Trees for Life International

I supported Ken as soon as I heard he was in the race. You know his opponent is the one who is more concerned about the Governor’s haircut than what was really going on in the state with Covid. District 79 is really going to upgrade with Ken White.

Lt. Governor Lynn Rogers

Ken will make an outstanding legislator. He is intelligent, rational, thoughtful and he
sincerely cares about people more than party politics.

Ed Trimmer
Former 79th District, six-term Kansas State Representative

Here is the thing I’ve noticed about really good musicians. They don’t just pick up that instrument one day and start playing like a master. They practice, they jam, they work on their technique, they try new things, they get shown up occasionally by someone who plays better, but they keep working at it and improving. People say, “oh, I’d love to play like he does,” but they don’t understand that he got that way through hours and hours of practice and hard work. How does this have anything to do with politics in Kansas? I think it has EVERTHING to do with what makes someone suitable to represent constituents well, to put in the hard work needed to get things done the way they ought to be done.

Bart Redford
Executive Director, Walnut Valley Festival

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